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About Us

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Mission & Values

The mission of Arar Civilizational Research Foundation is to provide fundamental solutions to the most critical challenges facing Armenia. Arar Foundation’s activities are focused on strengthening the competitiveness and viability of the Armenian state and society by proposing and implementing solutions that are independent of political cycles. As such, the Foundation conducts research regarding various public priorities. Based on the results and in collaboration with stakeholders, the Foundation then develops and implements pilot projects aimed at solving targeted problems.


In 2006, a group of supporters founded the 5165 Club, the goal of which was to establish a platform for discussions regarding important topics for an Armenia-centric nation. This platform later became a springboard of several initiatives and organizations such as Repat Armenia and Arar Foundations. Topics of Club discussions include Armenian national identity in the modern era, geopolitical and social-economic developments surrounding Armenia, potential avenues for the Armenia’s cultural transformation, etc. The Club is an informal association of supporters.

In 2013, a number of Club members initiated the establishment of Arar Foundation as a focal point for the analysis and implementation of key reform projects in Armenia. Arar Foundation was founded by 12 members of the 5165 Club.

Searching for solutions for the most critical challenges of Armenia

Board of Trustees

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David Pakhchanyan

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Member of the Board of Trustees


Member of the Board of Trustees


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Searching for solutions for the most critical challenges of Armenia