The Arar Foundation first defines its priority agenda based on the priority of the problems facing the Armenian state’s “Armenian society”, its existing resources and competencies to provide effective solutions. To develop a solution to each of the existing problems, the foundation conducts a preliminary analytical research. Based on the recommendations of the research, the foundation creates և implements pilot projects, the success of which և establishes a multifaceted collaboration with stakeholders to publicize the solution.

Մոբիլիզացիոն ծրագիր

2015 The Arar Foundation has launched a mobilization project in the border villages of Tavush region. The aim of the project was to modernize the combat capabilities of men in border areas, as well as to prepare them to assist the Armenian army in the event of border tensions. Following the success of the pilot project, the project was expanded to include all border settlements in Tavush and included in the state program. This model of consolidation and modernization of reserve potential was fully justified in 2016. During the hostilities in April, the volunteers who passed the mobilization provided direct support to the army. Within the framework of this program, the Arar Foundation, in cooperation with the local authorities, has established a military unit of women who have undergone military training in one of the villages of Tavush.

Promotion of military education

In cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, the Arar Foundation carries out various activities in military educational institutions, supporting the staffing of the RA Army, which has educated, knowledgeable, modern technical and tactical means. In particular, with the support of the foundation, the educational programs of the humanitarian unit of the VS Sargsyan Military University were revised, the university received new educational equipment, the architectural-design project for the reconstruction of the main building of the university was prepared. The foundation is currently developing a comprehensive program to increase the attractiveness of the officer profession.

Let's support our border guards

The active operations of the Artsakh war have stopped, but the war is not over yet. As a result of the agreement signed on November 9, the RA Armed Forces are forced to defend the new 500 km long border with Azerbaijan. Most of the new frontline is mountainous, և defense infrastructure must be built from scratch. The basic need of our soldiers was shelters made of sandwich panels, where they could sleep, protected from rain and snow. The first batch of these shelters has been sent to the border, another batch will be provided in the near future. In parallel, we continue to work with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia to support and meet the other urgent needs of the newly relocated troops.

Medical assistance to the army

ARAR Foundation works to improve the quality of primary medical services provided to the military personnel of the Republic of Armenia. 2020 Immediately after the Artsakh war, the ARAR Foundation provided the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia with 3 mobile intensive care stations equipped with all the necessary equipment, which we now carry out combat duty in 3 hospitals near the front line. At the same time, we continue to provide hospitals with a variety of medical equipment, devices, and life-saving medicines.

Transformation of social norms and values

The Arar Foundation considers the need for cultural transformation of the Armenian society to be the main challenge for the country's development. The Foundation is currently conducting research aimed at identifying the characteristics of the current prevailing value system քային in-depth factors. The programs being developed are aimed at dismantling cultural complexes, getting rid of extreme individualism, short-sighted mentality, and developing a pro-future moral moral system.

Construction of modern agriculture

To ensure natural rates of natural demographic growth in Armenia, stable rates of conscious repatriation to the country, emphasizing the role of a stable family in public life, new opportunities for economic and social development, the imperative of the establishment and development of the Armenian individual in the nation state.Through the efforts and support of the ARAR Foundation's trustees, through the formation of effective cooperation between business and the state, priority was given to winemaking, as a result of which the sector registered a rapid growth; Armenian wines still maintain their prestigious position in the international market.