Armen Khachikyan

Executive Director

Armen Khachikyan is the executive director of the “Arar” Civilization Research Foundation.

Armen has graduated from Yerevan University. He has BA in Sociology, MA in Public Relations. He is an adjunct professor at Brusov State University and at the National Defense Research University of the RA Ministry of Defense. Armen has authored more than 15 scientific articles and researches. He is currently a PhD researcher with concentration in leadership issues in the field of military sociology.

He was worked at Breavis management consultancy, executing the “Ditaket” program for the RA Ministry of Defense. Armen was the chairman of YSU Student Council, the founding chairman of the Military Club and the Debate Club. Armen’s professional experience includes a variety of regional research and strategic projects in the public and private sectors in collaboration with international organizations.

He served in the NKR Defense Army, and in In April 2016 war he was the commander of YSU volunteer squad. He has been awarded the “Nelson Stepanyan” medal of the RA Ministry of Defense, the YSU bronze medal, the YSU Student Council silver medal.