Mission & Values

Arar Foundation’s activities are focused on strengthening the competitiveness and viability of the Armenian state and society.


Arar Foundation was established in 2013 by members of the 5165 Club as a focal point for the study and implementation of key reform projects in Armenia.


Arar Foundation was founded by 12 members of the 5165 Club who currently comprise the Foundation Board and Council.


National Security

Arar Foundation carries out a number of programs directed toward ensuring the safety and security of those who serve in the RA Armed Forces.

Transformation of Social Norms and Values

Armenian society faces several cultural challenges, including the elimination of cultural complexes, liberation of extremely individualistic and consumeristic tendencies, and a prevailing formation of sound social values.

Economic Development

Arar Foundation carries out many projects in pursuit of a highly productive, environmentally-friendly economy in Armenia that will integrate a diversified international division of labor.