Research grant announcement

“Arar” Civilizational Research Foundation announces a research grant competition on the topic “Prospects of implementing a comprehensive defense and security system in Armenia”, with the aim of funding research that analyzes the feasibility and challenges of implementing such a system in Armenia.

Comprehensive defense, also known as Total Defense, surpasses traditional military strategies by
encompassing a broader approach to national security. This includes not only the military sector but the whole society, including government agencies, businesses, civil society organizations, and individual citizens. In various sources, comprehensive defense is defined as an official government strategy that involves a whole-of-society approach to protecting the nation from potential threats. This strategic model has been used in a number of countries, such as Israel, Finland, Estonia, Singapore, Austria, Switzerland, etc.

Research organizations, expert groups, and individual professionals with expertise in defense and security studies are eligible to apply. Interested applicants should submit their proposals by sending a research project proposal to by 01.05.2024.

The following should be included in the application:

  1. CVs of the head of the research group and experts involved in the project.
  2. Detailed description of the proposed project based on the technical specification (Download).
  3. A list of previous research experience.