Representatives of the “Arar” Foundation visited Artsakh within the framework of Artsakh security assistance programs

Within the framework of Artsakh security support programs, the representatives of the “Arar” Foundation visited Artsakh, studied the implemented and planned works in different parts of the frontline.

Through the efforts of the experts of the Arar Foundation, in cooperation with the representatives of the security system of Artsakh, several security projects have been developed and modernized, most of which we cannot disclose due to secrecy.
We consider the improvement of Artsakh’s security system a very priority and take active steps in that direction.

Our activity is doubly complicated because in the conditions of tragic human losses and general pain of the 44-day war, we have to restore the military-technical losses and at the same time modernize the system, facing the new challenges. Only a year and a half has passed since the catastrophic war, but our vigilance has weakened to some extent, so we must keep Artsakh and the Armenians of Artsakh in the center of attention and care. We urge you to visit Artsakh often to make sure that despite even the daily threats of physical security, the people of Artsakh continue to live, create and fight for their homeland.

We are obliged to support the right of the Armenians of Artsakh to live freely and safely as much as possible.