Armen Khachikyan has been appointed Executive Director of the Arar Foundation

By the decision of the Board of Trustees of the “Arar” Civilization Research Foundation, Armen Khachikyan has been appointed Executive Director. By the same decision, George Tabakyan, who held the post for more than 5 years, has been relieved of the post to transfer to another job.

The goal of the “Arar” Foundation is to develop and implement realistic solutions that will help develop Armenia’s security, social and economic systems through innovative approaches, modern technologies, with the support of a wide range of cooperation.

The “Arar” Foundation carries out key activities for the development of the military industry, the improvement of the defense system, and technological advancement.

George Tabakyan was appointed in 2016 after the April war, he had a huge contribution to the development of the Foundation’s activities, to the solution of the existing problems. Born in Lebanon, George Tabakyan settled in Armenia in 2011, co-founding the “Repat Armenia” Foundation and the “Sahman” NGO, as well as carrying out a patriotic mission in the 2020 Forty-four day war.

Armen Khachikyan was the head of the “Ditaket” research program of the RA Ministry of Defense, he is an adjunct professor at Brusov State University and at the National Defense Research University of the RA Ministry of Defense, he was the head of CSR and partnership at Galaxy Group of companies.

The Board of Trustees of “Arar” Foundation expresses deep gratitude to Mr. Tabakyan for the work done and wishes success to the newly appointed director.