On October 28-30, the management of “Arar” Foundation was on a working visit to Artsakh to discuss the existing problems and the joint plans for their solution.

The working group, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Davit Pakhchanyan, board members Avetik Chalabyan, Arthur Alaverdyan, Manuk Hergnyan, Igor Zargaryan and Executive Director Armen Khachikyan, during the working visit held meetings with the President of the Republic of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan, the Chairman of the National Assembly Artur Tovmasyan, the Security Council secretary Vitaly Balasanyan, the leader of Artsakh Diocese Ter Vrtanes Srbazan, discussed the most serious challenges facing Artsakh and the possible ways to overcome them.

During the visit, the works performed by the foundation were summarized, the progress of the implemented projects was evaluated and future joint projects were planned. A number of projects were developed, implemented and modernized with the efforts of the foundation and the cooperation of Artsakh partners.

“Arar” Foundation continues to consider the provision of favorable conditions for security and development in Artsakh as a high priority, and undertakes appropriate programs in that direction.

“We urge all our colleagues to visit Artsakh often and stand by our compatriots in Artsakh in their own presence. Today, they stand firmly on their holy land and live and create without complaint, overcoming the most serious threats, but they need all of our support to overcome the difficult challenges they face,” said Executive Director Armen Khachikyan.

Note that the management of the Foundation also participated in the strategic discussion of the development of Artsakh initiated by Ruben Vardanyan, the nominated Minister of State of Artsakh, contributing to the identification of ways to solve existing problems.