About the program

Armenians from all around the world have always been fascinated with the courage and the strength of their heroes. Stories and legends of victorious history dating back from Tigran Mets to nowadays inspires Armenian youth to learn more about the art of military.


MARAR- a program initiated by ArAr foundation and the Ministry of Defence of RA aims to unite young Armenian enthusiasts (age 18-35) from all around the world and make the ‘’nation-army’’ concept adopted by RA work without any geographical limit.


For the first time in Armenia’s history Ministry of Defence of RA opens its doors and gives the opportunity to those, who are interested in taking special military trainings, experiencing RA army life and learning from the first hand.


During MARAR’s two weeks course, young Armenians alongside the military trainings both in practice and in theory, will visit border provinces, meet the locals and experience the reality of border life, learn about army structure and military specializations, speak with the top professionals of the industry, engage with the civil initiatives.


MARAR gives the chance to look at the army as an insider, who is informed about the geopolitical situation of Armenia and its current challenges with the professional military experience.


MARAR welcomes everyone to take the important step and be a participant in this life changing program.

Fees & Payment

1. Cтоимость программы 350$.

При досрочном прекращении программы по личным или медицинским показаниям, оплата не подлежит возврату.

1. What should you bring

  • Sports clothes (T-Shirts cannot show stomach or shoulders, pants must be below the knees. No white shirts for workouts)
  • Running shoes
  • High socks + underclothes
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Shaving kit – males who chose not to be with a beard
  • Cell phone with Armenian phone number is required
  • Small bag of laundry detergent
  • Sandals or flip flops for shower
  • Notepad + pen (pocket size)

2. Cost and Payment

The cost for participation is 350 USD. Methods of payment will be available to the participants as soon as the registration and selection of participants is finalized.


A prepayment of 150 USD is required once application is approved.

3. The cost includes

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Uniform
  • Transportation (in Armenia)
  • Insurance
  •  Ammunition

4. The cost doesn’t include

  • Transportation to and from Armenia
  • Mobile phone expenses
  • Personal expenses.

6. Program Duration 14 days (21.08.2017-03.09.2017)

If for any reason the participant leaves Marar program, there will be no refund.